All about Haiti

By Ahmed Abdellah Period 1

Background information

The capital of Hati is Port-au-Prince. Some major cities include the capital, Carrefour, Delmas 73, Pétionville, Port-de-Paix.


Hati was once controlled by France. Hati gained it's independence on January 1, 1804. Hati gained it's independence by having a slave revolt that erupted and Toussaint who was a former slave, took control of the rebels. Toussaint led slaves to rebel against the planters and these rebels were inspired by the United States independence revolution and by the French revolution. After a lot of deaths and captures, Hati gained it's independence on January 1, 1804. The country is still currently free.


The economic system of Hati is Capitalism. Below is an example of a Gourde, the Hati currency.



The country Hati is located in central America to the left of the Dominican Republic.

Physical Features


Hati is a republic who is led by a president. The current presidents name is President Jocelerme Privert.

Tourist Information

People should visit Hati to see historic sites and to see the great views and do fun activities.

Where to visit

Tourists should visit the Citsdelle, the labade, the Bassin, and go the the zipline and ariel adventure parks.
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