My Digital Dossier

By Tinghe Li 7A

What is a digital dossier?

My digital dossier is a giant folder that contains all of my searches, history, and basically everything I do online. The same happens to everyone else. People may not realize it but it's all recorded. Even if you have a good reputation and you search something negative, the police can access your digital dossier and track down what you might have done, and if it is illegal, they arrest you (unless you're two years old).


What I found most interesting was that people's digital dossiers start even before they are born and continues even after death (sometimes)! When people were little, it usually starts with their parents. They gave their child a digital footprint by sharing pictures or info on social media (mostly). As people get older, they tend to make more decisions and may start signing up for social media or online things. Even if they choose to delete something that person commented, searched, visited or posted, it'll always be out there and if someone wants to track the person, they will be able to very easily. So, people in general should be careful what they do on digital media.
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