The facts and cool things about Kuwait

Kuwaiti Flag Facts and Other Stuff

The flag of Kuwait is to the right. The color green stands for "Our land" and the color white stands for "Our deeds" the color red stands for "Our swords" and last but not least the color black stands for "Our battles." Kuwait is a great oil producing country and produces around 1% of the worlds oil which is amazing compared to it's size and all the other countries.

The Statistics

The population of Kuwait is approximately 2,589,000 and around 1/3 of the population is Kuwaiti Arabs as a religion. The main language in the area is Arabic. The holidays for the Kuwaiti Arabs are the Gregorian New Year and The Prophets Birthday are in January and there are many more. Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Ahmad Al Sabah is a former prime minister of Kuwait and a famous one in the area, but there are many other famous people. The main ethnic group in Kuwait is Kuwaiti which is around 45% in the area.