Alternate Energy Sources!!!!

By: Jennifer Ann Lee

5 Facts about Solar Energy!!!

-It is energy that comes from the sun!!!

-Clean energy!!!

-Available anywhere (until it's night time)!!!

-Can be harnessed without any machines!!!

-Solar panels are nearly maintenance free!!!

5 Facts about Wind Energy!!!

-Wind turbines take up little room!!!

-Turbines alter landscape!!!

-Produces clean energy!!!

-Wind isn't always constant!!!

-Can be harnessed in many different ways (mainly through turbines)!!!

5 Facts about Geothermal Energy!!!

-Energy from the earth!!!

-Quite clean!!!

-Take up the least space!!!

-Hard to drill for!!!

-Comes from the earths core!!!

5 Facts about Biomass!!!

-Biogas keeps methane!!!

-Turns waste into energy!!!

-Lots of H2O is needed for it!!!

-Pollutes the air!!!

-Low energy density!!!

5 Facts about Nuclear Energy!!!

-Made up of atoms!!!

-Uses nuclear fission!!!

-Easily made!!!

-Comes from Uranium!!!

-Potential to be safer energy!!!

5 Facts about Hydro Energy!!!

-Clean energy!!!

-Comes from water!!!

-Water that is used for it is left clean and not contaminated!!!

-Can be reused!!!

-Dams can destroy habitats!!!