JUNE 2019

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Columbia River High School

800 NW 99th ST.

Vancouver WA 98665


Principal - Alex Otoupal

Associate Principal/Curriculum - Rob Duncan

Associate Principal/Activities - Ken Roberts

Associate Principal/Athletic Director - Nick Davies

Secretary - Patty Kellum

Registrar - Mary Hyde


Greetings River Community,

As we prepare to close the offices and complete our summer cleaning and maintenance on campus, we are sharing some "Clean Water" tips from our partners in Clark County Public Works Clean Water Division. As many of you recall, a water main under NW 99th Street ruptured on May 20th and it was a very powerful reminder of our dependency on this precious resource. We were also extremely grateful for the quick response of our county agencies that kept our daily operations running smoothly.

Alex Otoupal, Principal

Columbia River High School

Summer Office Hours

Columbia River High School office will be closed from July 1st through August 6th.

Office hours from August 6th -August 23rd - 7:00-3:00

The office will be open from 7:00 - 4:00 after August 23rd

Enjoy your summer!

River's Class of the numbers

River's Class of 2019... by the numbers

Number of students in the 2019 Cohort: 309

Number of students earning AA from Clark: 25

Reported amount of scholarships awarded: $6,520,720

Number of IB Full Diploma Candidates: 19

Number of AVID Elective Students: 21 -- ALL 21 have been accepted to university

Number of CAS Hours completed by the Class of 2019: 3134

Number of Honors Cords Awarded: 115

Number of Students in National Honor Society: 51

Number of 2A GSHL Championships in 2018-2019: 12

Number of 2A District 4 Championships in 2018-2019: 7

Number of Team State Championships: 2 Women's Tennis & Bowling Academic

Number of Individual State Championships: Grace Gordon - Gymnasictics/Beam; Faith Grisham/ Singles Tennis

Individual Recognitions:

Outstanding Senior in Math: Mika Munger

Outstanding Senior in Science: Lauren Huynh

Outstanding Senior in English & Social Studies: Zoe Luderman Miller

Oustanding Senior in Spanish: Grace Gordon

Oustanding Senior in German: Ivan Tarasenkov

Outstanding Senior in French: Aine Jordan

Outstanding Senior in ASL: Phoenix Bennett

C. Adiar Hilligoss Award for Instrumental Music: Grant Hobbs

Outstanding Senior in Orchestra: Symphony Koss

Oustanding Senior in Band: Sarah Giovannozzi

Oustanding Senior in Choir: Meagean Halfacre

Outstanding Senior in Visual Art: Chistine Choi

Oustanding Senior in Photography: Mattie McChesney

Oustanding Senior in Pottery: Gabi Smith

Outstanding Senior in Video Production: Brody Duke

Outstanding Senior in Horticulture: Connor Ponath

Oustanding Senior in FFA: Ashley Long

Outstanding Senior in Physical Education: Alicia Wallingford

Outstanding Senior in Mock Trial: Mika Munger

Outstanding Senior in Marketing: Avori Martinez

Outstanding Senior in DECA: Erin Besteman

Outstanding Male Athlete: Rylee Sadler

Outstanding Female Athlete: Liz Canton

Outstanding IB Student in CAS: Mika Munger

Outstanding IB Student in TOK: Curran Connelly

Outstanding IB Extended Essay: Lauren Huynh

IB Student of the Year: Zoe Luderman Miller

Commencement Speakers: Zoe Luderman Miller & Symphony Koss

Mr. & Miss CR / Friends of the Children: Audry Keenan & Natalie Black

Citizenship Award for the Class of 2019: Colby Rabitoy & Erin Bestemen

Pollution prevention help needed!

We depend on clean streams, rivers and lakes for swimming, fishing and wildlife habitat. Today, the biggest threat to the health of our waterways comes from pollutants left outside that get picked up by stormwater. Many of these pollutants come from everyday activities such as lawn care, having pets, driving and home improvements.

Here are three easy things you can do at home to prevent pollution from reaching our streams, rivers and lakes.

Scoop it, bag it, trash it. Stormwater carries pet waste left on the ground to storm drains, which discharge to waterways, untreated. Fecal coliform is one of the top water pollutants in local streams, and pet waste left outside is a main contributor. Pet waste also harbors harmful organisms that can persist for months, such as E.coli, hookworms and giardia. Take the Canines for Clean Water pledge at, and Clark County will send your pooch a free bandanna.

Don’t drip and drive. Fix that leak! Vehicle fluids are toxic to humans and fish, and even small drips matter. A study of Puget Sound found that more than 66 percent of oil pollution came from small vehicle leaks and drips. Every time it rains, those drips are carried to storm drains before emptying into our streams, rivers and lakes. Fixing leaks will keep your car running well and reduce water pollution. Get a free leak inspection and up to $50 off leak repairs at

Practice earth-friendly yard care. Using fewer fertilizers and pesticides is good for your family, your pets and our waterways. When over-applied or spilled on hard surfaces, fertilizers and pesticides are carried by stormwater to our streams, rivers and lakes. Nutrients in fertilizers cause potentially toxic algae blooms that also deplete dissolved oxygen needed by fish. Always read the label and use only as directed. Sweep up spills rather than washing them away. Find more earth-friendly yard care tips at

“Only rain down the drain” begins at home; thank you for being part of the solution.

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Saturday Night CR Sports Win

Saturday night CR Sports won the NATAS NW (National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, NW Chapter) Student Emmy for Live Sport Event.

Brody Duke (Senior), Director

Keegan Duke, Audio Operator

Miles Campbell, Camera Operator

Jaelyn Gaylor, Camera Operator

Jaxon Pace, Graphics

Rhys Holmes (Senior), Replay

Jordan Ryan, Announcer

David Ryan, Announcer

The submission was the Boys Basketball game vs Ridgefield, from Jan. 17th...

The Emmys only nominate programs that are "worthy". If they don't feel submissions are good, then there are no nominations. And, there are no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place rankings- just a winner.

This is a huge accomplishment for these students- truly a glorious start to some long and prosperous careers!

The win will now be sent on to the National Emmy competition, representing the NATAS NW.

See below for a picture of the team!

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Great Job Opportunity

If you are a parent or guardian of a student and want a job that matches your child’s schedule, becoming a bus driver is the perfect job for you. In addition to being on the same daily schedule as your student, you will be able to spend holidays and summer vacation together. Please consider starting a great career with a good wage and benefits.

So, if you like to work with children, are a good driver and are looking for a good wage job, please go to VANSD.ORG. Look under the Employment tab for more information. You can apply on-line from home or come to Transportation Bldg and apply on-line with our assistance. If you have any questions or need any assistance with the application process, please call 313-4800. We, here at Transportation, are more than happy to assist you.

Summer Reading Assignment for PB English 2019-2020 School Year

Summer Reading Assignment for To Kill A Mockingbird

Welcome to the Columbia River International Baccalaureate Program.

The summer reading assignment serves two purposes: it keeps literacy skills active during the extended break and it provides the English instructors essential information for identifying the range of skills in each PB class. This unit will begin the investigation of the IB Literature Global Issues study of Culture, Identity and Community. The summer work for To Kill A Mockingbird includes two steps:

Individual work: per chapter summary

As you read, write a one or two sentence summary of what just happened or what idea stands out at the end of the chapter. This will be useful information to help review before school starts and for keeping track of ideas for seminars. Use the composition book given to you at the Ice Cream Social.

Project Work: Individual Quilt Square (12”x12” paper)

One of the most popular styles of patchwork quilt is the Story Quilt. A story quilt tells the history of a person or family by symbolically depicting their journey or family tree through imagery of the patchwork, much like a family photo album.

Each class is going to make a quilt/bulletin board using scrapbook pages as quilt squares. Each student will create one square that is a creative response to the novel. There are two options: 1) a symbolic image that represents an event or theme in the novel, or 2) a square that relates to a setting or character in the novel. Each square needs to be based on a specific passage in the novel: approximately one paragraph is ideal. Squares can be hand drawn or painted, or collage work using mixed media materials.

On a separate piece of paper, type the passage from the novel that inspires the creative response presented in your quilt square. Identify the theme, symbol, characterization, or sense of setting expressed in the passage and explain how your quilt square conveys this meaning.

Link Crew Training Dates

Link Crew Trainings (FOR LINK CREW LEADERS ONLY, not freshmen)

Monday, August 19th, 2019 2-5 pm (in the small gym)

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 9-12 noon (in the small gym)

Freshman Orientation

Monday, August 26th, 2019 from 12:00-3:30 pm (main gym, small gym, and most of the building)

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 (First Day of School) from 7:00-8:00 am (main gym)

Yearbooks For Sale

The 2019 Yearbooks are on sale for $40 in the Business office or online at:

We have a limited number available so order yours now. If you still need a 2018, 2017 or 2016 book you can get them in the Business office.

Get all four for the discount price of $90.

Care Closet

Did you know Columbia River High School has a Care Closet? If you are a family in need of non-perishable food items and/or clothing please contact
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Counseling Center Staff

Freshman Counselor-Jennifer Waller

Sophomore Counselor-Alexis Bruce

Junior Counselor-Lou Gill

Senior Counselor-Rachael Howington

School Psychologist-Mike O'Bryan

Clerk-Gina Gasser

College and Career Center Staff

Career Guidance Specialist-Dave Bennett

Clerk-Cindy Harrington

2019-2020 School Calendar

2019-20 school calendar

NOTE: Every Monday from Sept. 9 to May 18 is a 40-minute early release, when school is in session, excluding holidays.

August 2019

Aug. 27 – First day of school

September 2019
Sept. 2 – Labor Day, no school

October 2019
Oct. 11 – In-service day, no school
Oct. 16 – Parent conferences, 2-hour early release – elementary schools only
Oct. 17 – Parent conferences, 2-hour early release – middle and high schools only
Oct. 17 – Parent conferences, no school – elementary schools only
Oct. 18 – Parent conference, no school – all schools

November 2019
Nov. 11 – Veterans Day, no school
Nov. 27-29 – Thanksgiving break, no school

December 2019
Dec. 23 - Jan. 3 – Winter break, no school

January 2020
Jan. 20 – Martin Luther King Day, no school
Jan. 24 – Semester break, no school **

February 2020
Feb. 17 – Presidents Day, no school

March 2020
March 30 - April 3 – Spring break, no school

April 2020
April 16 – Parent conferences, 2-hour early release – all schools
April 17 – Parent conferences, 2-hour early release – elementary schools only
April 17 – Parent conferences, no school for middle and high school only

May 2020
May 25 – Memorial Day, no school

June 2020
June 9 – 2-hour early release**
June 10 – Last day of school, 2-hour early release**

** If schools are closed due to weather, the calendar may change. Snow make-up days, in priority order, are June 11, 12, 15 and Jan. 24.