Holy Chips

Jesus saves, even for the overweight.

Jesus has returned

Within one week, 6 different chips were found with a burnt imprint of our holy savior; Jesus. Holy Chips has proudly taken credit for the findings of the Messiah in several of their bags of delicious delicacies. Because of this incredible discovery, many people have begun to purchase more bags from Holy Chips in high hopes to find a Jesus for themselves.

Houston, The Holy Land

With the incredible news of Jesus appearing on chips produced by Holy Chips, people from around the nation have claimed Houston Texas as the new 'Holy Land'. Because of this new title, people rally up and move on down to Texas to try and get their own bags of chips. Population in and around Houston has increased dramatically within two months.

The Wealthy Invades the South

As a result in the population spike, the newcomers to our Texas home are mostly rich. These wealthy fellows have the income needed to purchase many bags of Holy Chips, gambling to get a lucky bag containing our Lord and Savior. Because of all these wealthy people moving in and buying more bags, Holy Chips begins to discuss the future of their company.

Prices Plan to go up.

With incredible success within the past few months, the Holy Chips company decides to raise the prices in exactly one month. News spreads of this, and so naturally, Holy Chips disappears off the shelves, being stashed up by fans across Texas. Even though the wealthy new citizens can still purchase Holy Chips, it's still a better deal to get the now!

Competition threatens Holy Chips

The long lasting rein of Holy Chips may be coming to an end. As if raising their prices way too high wasn't enough, Cheetos has had 5 recent sightings within their own bags. People are now racing to get their greasy hands on a bag of Cheetos to find their own Jesus shaped Cheetos. Now the Cheetos company is being claimed the new "Holy Chips".