Milly Goes Bananas!

By: Josh Pinzour & Michael McKay

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Book Description

Milly Goes Bananas! is a book about a monkey named Milly. It tells about how earlier in the month, 5 bigger animals took his bananas. Milly then becomes really hungry and decides to go get them back. Read this story to find out where Milly's adventure takes him, and what animals he runs into.

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Book Reviews

By: York Napier (Famous singer in Millys hometown)


"I thought that this book was bananatastic! The story keeps you on your feet thinking what will happen next. Children will love this book, and they will be jumping for more."

By: Alvin Rudolph


"This book was fabulous, a great story for kids. This will teach the that you can do anything if you put your mind to it."

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