Hello everyone, My name is Stacy Jordan. I've been in the Air Force for 17 years and am currently stationed in New Jersey. Prior to living in the beautiful state of New Jersey, we lived in Japan for 13 years and loved that life experience. My children consider Japan "home." I've also been married to my husband Jerome for 15 years and we have four beautiful children. My interests include spending time with my family. All of the kids are involved in some sort of sport so I've perfected the art of being a "Soccer/Football/Wrestling/Cheerleading/Dance/Gymnastics/Track Mom"!!!

A great example of Leadership to me: Colin Powell

As a person who has served most of my adult life in the military, I've witnessed good and bad leaders and always reference Colin Powell as being one of the greatest examples of leadership for our military. General Powell knew what was important: The people. He new that if his people didn't trust him then he failed as a leader. He took care of those who were under his charge and in turn they took care of him.

Dreaming Big Dreams

My dream is to build a day care facility/preschool that mirrors the Air Force's Child Development Center. My children went to a Child Development Center when they were younger in Okinawa Japan and the program was excellent. I love little kids and really love to see them learn as they explore the world around them. Being in a military family, I've seen families struggle to find quality child care facilities that they are comfortable leaving their children in. The military doesn't care if you just moved in town two days have to go to work (even if you have 4 kids that need child care) It can be a big burden on a family. I want to build my facility near a military installation in the hopes of helping families feel comfortable leaving their children in my care. I've had this dream for about 5 years now and can literally see what its going to look like in my head. Hopefully my Masters degree will give me a more in depth understanding of what is required to provide great education to children no matter their age.

I also recently started to inquire about opening a Kumon franchise for tutoring with my husband to help kids who need a little extra assistance. Kumon was popular in Japan and there are so many kids in the schools who would benefit from someone sitting with them for a couple hours each day to help them with their homework. It's a brand new thought that we are throwing around to see what our options are...I'm excited to see where it goes.