1E's Excellent Work!

When work looks this good, we just have to show it off...

Opinion Writing: The Perfect Field Trip

As part of our Opinion Writing unit in Writer's Workshop, the students had an opportunity to choose a place that in their opinion would be the perfect place to go on a field trip. We began by brainstorming many different places that would make the perfect field trip. The students did such a wonderful job demonstrating their knowledge of writing opinion pieces: they clearly stated their opinions with supporting reasons and a closing sentence. Take a look a few examples of "The Perfect Field Trip."

A Friendly Letter to one of our favorite author/illustrators: Jan Brett!

After reading many of Jan Brett's classic stories during our Jan Brett author study, the students wanted to express their favorite Jan Brett book to the author herself! The students tied two writing genres in one piece: opinion writing and writing a friendly letter. The students each chose their favorite Jan Brett book and shared reasons why the book they chose was their favorite. The students also decorated beautiful borders just like Jan Brett does in her stories! Many of the students also took the opportunity to ask Jan Brett a few questions. After we mail these letters, we are keeping our fingers crossed that we hear back from the incredible author/illustrator!


During our addition and subtraction unit in Math Workshop, students created their very own word problems! I was so impressed with the students' awesome ideas for word problems. Take a look at a few below with your child and have them explain to you if the problem is an addition or subtraction problem and how they know, as well as solve the problem and write a number sentence to match!


Students use writing to respond to what they read. After reading a book there are many ways for students to respond to the text. They do this through reading response prompts (my favorite part of the story, the main characters of the story, or the setting of the story). I hope you enjoy these few examples of students responding to their reading.