By: Monteze McGregor

What is a Desert ?

A desert is area of land that covers about 20 % of earth, where there is little precipitation.
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Temperature and Precipitation

As you have learned the two biggest factors that determine the biomes are temperature and precipitation. A desert is known to be very hot and dry. Some are scorching hot during the daytime , but their temperature can drop below freezing when the sun goes down.

Did you know?

Desert receive less than 10 inches of rain a year

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Plants and Animals

The desert's plants and animals are unique. One cool thing about their plants is they can live to be hundreds of years. The animals are nocturnal and only surface at night.
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interesting Facts about Deserts

The oldest living desert are Gobi Desert which is in Asia and the Antarctic Desert.

Sahara is the largest desert in the world. 30% of the desert is sand and the other 70% is gravel

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