Athens Times

By: Emily Lee and Phoenix Murray

The New South's Economy

The economy in the south greatly depended on agriculture. The south saw a boom in service economy, manufacturing of products, the high technology industries, and the financial sector of the south. The medical world was getting bigger by having the largest hospital in the world, fourteen hospitals, two medical schools, four colleges of nursing, and six school systems for nursing.

The New South's Culture

Southern culture is mostly based on the thirteen original colonies like Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. The southern manners and customs reflect the relationship that we have with England and Africa. That was held by the early population with some influences from the Native Americans. The South has been seen largely as a stronghold of Protestant Christianity. Although the traditional Southerner was Anglican or more accurately Episcopalian, the predominant denominations in the South are now Baptists-93. (especially the Southern Baptist Convention), followed by Methodists, with other denominations found throughout the region.

The Background of Frank's Trial

The Leo Frank Case is one of the most notorious and highly publicized cases that originated in Georgia. Leo was accused of murder of a thirteen year old girl that worked for his National Pencil Company. The girl's name was Mary Phagan. When convicted and the whole time throughout his trial he claimed that he didn't do it.

Mary Phagan's Murder

Mary Phagan was killed on April 26, 1913. When Mary went to go get $1.20 pay from her twelve hours of work that week, Leo paid her and was the last one acknowledged to see her alive. The factory watchman discovered her body in the cellar and called the police. When put in the news the story made many demand swift justice and quick action.

The Evidence of the Murder

There was no evidence to convict Leo Frank of the murder but because he was a Jew the people believed that he was the one who killed Mary Phagan. One of the reason why I think that Frank did not kill Mary was because when they brought him down to the factory he was very surprised to see the body. Another reason why some people did not think that he did it was because the night watch man was changing his story a lot and so that is why some people think he did not kill Mary Phagan.

The New South's Entertainment

The new south has a lot of different kinds of entertainment for people to enjoy. There were many types of entertainment that were used during this time period. The movie industry was just starting up and was beginning to become popular. Some movies that were really popular during this time was Why Mrs. Jones Got a Divorce and A Trip to the Moon. Another kind of entertainment that was during this time period was books for all ages. A lot of different books were published like The Octopus by Frank Norris and The Iron Heel by Jack London.