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Anti-Semitism is the hatred of Jews for no reason. For thousands if years, people have always found a silly reason to hate Jews. People would make rumors that Jews were witches, or that they had some magical powers, and would burn them at the stake. They'd even go as far as blaming them for the plague. But anti-Semitism is hypocritical, in my opinion. Because Jesus was Jewish, and now people are blaming and shaming Jews for absolutely no reason. An example of anti-Semitism is the picture above and below.
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We can stop this

Everybody knows that we can stop this. STOP ANTI-SEMITISM. It's just as hurtful as being racist or homophobic. It hurts people of the religion, and the people who aren't in it. More people need to stand up to stop this. I know that I am.
Channel 4 News - Huge rise in anti-Semitism (1/8/14)