Module 6

Visual Art I


Module 6 Shape and Form

Shape is flat, or two dimensional. Form is three dimensional. In art, when we draw or paint, artists do things to make their pictures appear three dimensional. In this module, we will be learning about both.

Still Life Drawing by Maria K, former student

Still Life Assignments

For the still life warmup, make sure that you use the value circles at the bottom to reference for the different values around the composition. Make sure you shade the background.

For the still life drawing, you must use one light source, either a window for natural light, or a single lamp. Take a photograph of your composition, change your photograph to black and white and email it to be for approval. Do not use objects that are dark nor objects with words on them for your still life. Try to use white or light objects on a plain background. Focus on the values. Post the black and white drawing with your still life composition in the same forum. Use at least 8 values of the grayscale in your drawing.

The Fibonacci Sequence

Below you will find a fascinating video on the Fibonacci Sequence in nature. Many artists use this concept in their artwork.
Nature by Numbers

Nyami A - Sphere

Peer Tutoring Center

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