The Flood Adjasent Project

Dalton Henninger and Hunter Williams

What are floods?

Floods are basically the overflowing of water in an area. They usually occur when it has rained to much or when a cloud has overflowed with water causing a significant amount of water to fall. Floods are very dangerous and you should go to a higher round if it were to occur.

Causes of floods, and its impact on the environment

Floods are caused when water overflows severely, most of the time because of weather. Floods can cause destruction to structures, plants, and animals. Water may not seem dangerous, but when there is a lot of it, it can be. Although floods can create rich soil, they still need to be avoided at any cost.

Floods impact on humans is how

Fun facts

Over 40,000 floods happen per year.

There are about 20 major floods per year.

Floods can happen during the winter because of snow building up.

Waves are usually over 20 feet tall