1990's music group

What's TLC?

TLC was a famous girl group in the 1990's. They were famous for their style in soul, funk, hip hop and R&B. The singers were T-Boz, (A.K.A Tionne Watkins) Chilli (A.K.A Rozanda Thomas) and Left Eye (A.K.A Lisa Lopes)


Their type of style was mostly R&B and funk. Their hit songs were Creep, No Scrubs, WaterFalls and Unpretty. Their first album was called Ooooooh On The TLC. It was released on February 25 1992 and the album was a quadruple-platinum. They also made many more albums that were a success too.
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The group's name did not always be TLC, It was first 2nd Nature. Their first album sold 6 million copies world wide. Sadly Left Eye died in a car crash. T-Boz had her own show on the channel TLC but the documentary only had 4 episode and stopped running this year.


TLC was a hit R&B/ hip hop/soul/funk group but sadly went different ways and apart.

Many, many people will remember this group as they were separated. That was my presentation on TLC.

TLC - Baby-Baby-Baby