By Arnav S, 6th Period


Malaysia is great! It is one of the world's leader in exporting palm oil and rubber. It exports LOTS of wood as well! It also rich in several important resources, such as tin, iron ore, copper, bauxite, natural gas, and oil! With these great resources, factory workers make high technology and consumer goods. Malaysia also has ports that are important centers of trade. One important city that is great to live in is the capitol and largest city Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia also has the Petronas Towers-which were once the tallest buildings in the world-which are a great place to visit and explore. In all, Malaysia is just an amazing country to live in!

Malaysia- "Land of the Beauty"

Malaysia's Geography and Climate

Malaysia has beautiful rain forests and rugged mountains. It also has several white sand beaches with the brilliant blue sea beside. It has a perfect tropical climate much better than Texas, and it has more rainfall than Texas as well! Also, where it is located is perfect for trade! With this great climate and geography, many exotic animals are here! The animals include tigers, wild oxen, water buffaloes, tapirs, orangutans, different types of monkeys, cobras, crocodiles, lizards, lots of kinds of birds, and a huge number of butterflies. Also with this great climate, plants like wild orchids, tropical fruits, and exotic hardwood trees. So overall, Malaysia's climate and geography are GREAT!

Malaysian Culture and People

Malaysia has about 22.7 million great people. Most of them belong to the Malay ethnic group. They speak several different languages, like Malay, Tamil, Chinese, and even English! They also have many different religions. Islam is the most popular, but others include Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity.

Malaysia does many recreational activities, like fine arts. These fine arts include carving, weaving, silversmithing, music, performing arts, and literature. The carving, weaving, and silversmithing they do include traditional woven baskets or silver work on Malay courts. In this, they use ornamental kris, beetle nut sets, and many unique fabrics. Performing arts use many traditional wooden masks, which are fun to make. Music is Malaysia is unique from any other country. It is based around percussion instruments. Malaysia has 14 different types of traditional drums! One is the gendang, which is the most important. Malaysian music usually tells a story, and it was once used for communication. Malaysians also tell great stories orally, not just by music. They are traditional stories that were engraved on ancient stones by the Arabians, Chinese, and Indians! All of these stories have brought more and more languages to Malaysia! Also, Malaysia plays sports for recreation, like soccer, badminton, field hockey, bowls, tennis, squash, martial arts, horse riding, sailing, and skateboarding. They are pretty good at ALL these sports! Malaysia LOVES to have fun, and fun is part of its culture!

Malaysia also makes a variety of great traditional foods, like beef soup, murtabak, nasi impit, beef rendang, and Char Kuey Teow. All of these foods have traditional spices in them that make them taste incredible! Nasi impit are basically compressed rice cubes. Beef rending is a spicy beef dish that is very popular and very good! Murtabak is a type of pancake with eggs and small pieces of meat and onion. Char Kuey Teow is a noodle dish made by frying flat noodles with fish cakes, cockles, and bean sprouts. All of these dishes are extremely popular in Malaysia (and extremely tasty, too!).

Government and Citizenship

The government of Malaysia is a federal constitutional elective monarchy, which is unique. It is modeled closely on the Westminster parliamentary system. The head of state if often called the king. But the king's role and power has greatly decreased, and ministers and members of the upper house are getting more power because of the Constitution in 1994. They basically have three branches, just like the United States! The legislative has 3 houses- the lower house, the House of Representatives, and the upper house. The executive has the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, who is required to be Malay and is recommended by the Prime Minister. The judicial branch is based of Malaysia's legal system, which is based of English Common Law. Malaysia also has several great and important courts!

In Malaysia, everyone has the right to vote for anyone, just as long as they are registered and over 21 years of age. At first, women didn't have equal rights, but now, thanks to the awesome government, EVERYONE has equal rights! Education is important in Malaysia. Education is managed by the Ministry of Education, which is managed by the government. Education is free and primary education is required. There are 478 GREAT universities and colleges to go to, and there a several hundreds of regular schools in Malaysia. Malaysia's justice system is common law AND religious law, and is based on English common law, personal law based on sharia law applies to Muslims.


The economy in Malaysia is prosperous. It is a market economy. The state plays a role in it, but its role has started declining. Malaysia's economy is the 29th largest in the world, and one of the best in Southeast Asia. Its GDP averagely increased 6.5 percent annually, which is one of the best in the world!

Malaysia exports many different goods that build their economy. The Strait of Malacca is very important for shipping goods. Here is a list of some of the great things that Malaysia exports.



-Palm Oil

-Natural Gas


-Iron Ore



-High Technology

-Consumer Goods

Malaysia also imports many things. Here are just some.





-Steel Products