New Netherland / New York

It looks Dutch, but it isn't

Dutch Architecture

As the Dutch settled New Amsterdam and the bustling trade center developed, the people constructed structures similar to those from their mainland. "Even after the English takeover in 1664, the town retained its Dutch character and distinctive Dutch architectural styles...The homes and workshops were built...out of red and yellow brick, with leaded-glass casement windows and terracotta tiles on the roofs" (Oakes, 95).

You don't need to be rich when the wealthy give it away!

Crafts- and Tradesmen Wanted

We are in the cusp of growth here in New York! We have religious freedom and England has recognized Dutch landholdings. The New England governors have distributed large tracks of undeveloped land to new lords. These manors are primed for building and farming. We are in need of numerous men and women to assist in the building of the manors. Tradespeople needed include carpenters, "...painters, printers, tailors, and boardinghouse keepers" (Oakes, 95). In moving forward, bring your skills from across the ocean and put them to good use in America building for the wealthy. You can not only provide a good lifestyle for your family, but, because of the high demand for workers, the employment opportunities abound! Our weather is nicer than the Netherlands as it is lower in latitude allowing for more months to work. More time working means more money in your pocket! The more mild weather also allows for a longer growing season for those who want to lease land from the manor owners. It is a 'win-win' for all! The wealthy owners gain revenues for the development of their manors and we are paid for our services. The wealthy are just giving their money away!