Should Soda Sales Be Banned?

By:Aya Berwind


Soda sales in the US is not a big problem in and of itself but what it leads to. Soda and other sugary and fatty foods as well as drinks lead to obesity and as you may know Obesity is growing majorly in the US!

My point of view

I support the idea of banning soda sales in the us. But only to the point were we ban unautral produkes like coke and pepsi. Unless they can have a nautral alterenitive like nautral sugar and dies as well s removing the preservitives. i also think that diet soda or sugar free drinks should not be banned. That is my point of view on this subject.

The Pros of This Subject

There are many pros and cons on this subject lets start with the pros. The largest pro is Soda is one of the leading cases of obesity. along with fast and fatty foods. If we ban soda sales in the us it could also help smaller natuarl soda companies like Hotlips. This could help the econmy. This could help sovle some over our goverment problems.

''how'' you may ask well it could give more smaller businesse a oppertunity to grow.

''Know i understand, this will help organic businesses that are smaller grow to become larger'' yes yes it will and that will bost our economy.

the cons of this subject

Many people love to drink soda in fact the average american drinks 2-3 cans of soda a day! That my friend is allot of soda. I can see why many people would not want to ban soda sales. here are some of the mast common:

-Many people have diet soda (sugar free)

-Some people dont even drink a can of soda a day so when they do it is a big treat

-Private componies that make soda could loose all sales wich would leed to going out of business.

These are only a few reasons why people like you and me would not want to ban soda sales in the US. some people say

'' Why ban soda'' others say

''you are crazy for wanting to ban soda its part of america''

These are only a few of the things you may here people say. The one big thing that makes us americans consider banning soda is how its helping the obesity rate in america grow drasticly.

just a qute summary

There are many pros and cons on this subject (banning soda sales in the US). The biggest pro is that soda is the highest leeding causes of obesity. Obesity is growing dramaticle in the US. The largest con is that many people love soda and it would be hard to get rid of it. Soda has also become an american FAVORITE! from cocacola to sprite. What i am trying to say is that many people love soda and many don't. So either way i think it would be a good idie to ban soda sales in the US.

Interesting facts and stories

Did You know that Mr. Bloomberg (the mare of newyork) tried to ban any soda sales over 16 ounces? Well here is the whole story: In New York on September 13 2012 Bloomberg was going to have soda sales over 16 ounces banned. exept grocerie stores and convennent stores. This ban would go into effect six mounths later. It was halted by a judge one day before the ban would of taken effect. That seemed really pretie crazy to me and i was supprised a place like new york would do that.

how i feel about the subject know

My view has changed allot sence i first started to do this poster. The reason my view has changed so much is because i have done so much reasurch on this conflict that i have seen all points of views. My opinion has changed from absolutly to i really think that both sides have a point and i really am on the middle standing point. I really enjoyed writing about this pending topic and i hope you enjoyed it. My favorite part was doing the reaserch and digging deaper into this topic.