Willie Mays

By: Kasey McGirr


Willie Mays lived in Alabama. Both of his parents were athletes. His dad played baseball for the all- blacks team of the segregated south. His mom was a champion sprinter. Once Willie's dad started working with him as he got older. When Willie was 14 he joined the mill team with his dad. Willie's school didn't have a baseball team so that's why he played with dad. But he also contributed in basketball and football in high school and when high school was over Willie knew for sure that baseball was his thing. Willie Mays was 16 when he started his professional career with the Birmingham Black Barons. I selected this individual because Willie Mays was a famous baseball player and he is a good team leader. He is strong and compassionate. He was taught right to chase his dreams. Willie Mays accomplished the player of the month award in 1958 and in 1968 he won the Gold Glove award. Willie's universal values were religion, hard work, family, sports (baseball). He's a good mentor for young adults because he fight's for what he wants and never gives up. Shows good actions and takes responsibility and shows good citizenship. Willie Mays would be a good character to look up too. Willie showed really good ethics on and off the field.
Willie Mays the Catch