Utilizing Technology with OverDrive

How one woman made 9 NOOKs usable once more

Project Summary

For this project, my goal was to come up with a way to enhance the technology available through the Hamlet Middle School media center and involve the community and the parents in an effort to promote student literacy. To do this, I reached out to the public library and asked to promote OverDrive - a system designed to deliver digital content to personal devices. Once I received permission, I had to create incentives for the kids to get public library cards. If the students showed their library card to the media specialist, she would give them "Ram Cash" - a red slip that allowed for a free concession at a school event. After the success of the student incentive, I planned a parent night at Hamlet where parents and students could learn how to use OverDrive on the 9 NOOKs available for checkout through the media center as well as how to use it on other personal technological devices. The goal is to have students begin to check out these devices after Christmas and use OverDrive to read material from the public library on the school devices.

Useful Links

Video that shows how to use OverDrive with NOOK (10 minutes)

Downloading library ebooks for your Nook using Overdrive

Parent Night - Learn to use OverDrive

Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 5:30pm

1406 McDonald Ave

Hamlet, NC

Come learn how to use OverDrive with your personal technological devices. OverDrive will allow you and your child to access thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, and other forms of digital content on your personal devices. All you need is an Internet connection and a library card!