Dairy Food Group

Importance of the dairy food group

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Why is the dairy food group important?

They dairy food group is very important because it is where you get your calcium and vitamin D. It also supplies other minerals such as phosphorous and other vitamins which are A, B, and riboflavin. These vitamin and minerals are important for your body to grow strong bones. If you don't get enough dairy at a young age, you begin to loose bone mass and your bones will weaken and break at a early age.

What is Osteoporosis, and how can you prevent having it.

Osteoporosis (silent disease)- is a disease that causes your bones to be weak and fragile and able to break easily. Having this can cause your bones to loose minerals and calcium, it also makes your bones so weak that it forms holes or pores in the bone. Any one at any age can be affected by this. Except there is good news, it can be preventable for most people. Ways to help this is having a healthy diet and lifestyle, and by building strong bones while you are young. Other ways to help is by talking to your doctor about your bone health, engage is regular exercising, and to get the recommended amount of calcium and vitamin D.
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Healthy Food Choices

There are many healthy dairy food choices you could have. For example:

1. cereal with milk

2. yogurt

3. loaded baked potato

4. baked three cheese pasta

5. tacos

Berry Banana Dairy Smoothie Recipe


Blend till smooth

If Not Milk...

If you don't enjoy milk, there is other ways to get your calcium intake:

-Milk bases desserts

-chocolate milk


-hot cocoa with milk


-powdered milk

Vitamin D.

Milk has a great source of Vitamin D and there are other ways of getting it. That is being in the sun. The sun is a great way of getting your Vitamin D intake, except only 10-15 minutes is needed a day.


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