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April Edition

Happy April

It is so hard to believe that the last nine weeks is already here. April is a busy month, so please read the information below and do not hesitate to contact your child's teachers or our administration staff if we can assist in any way.

This newsletter has important information about KISD changes in Covid-19 protocols, end of year events and testing information. Have a wonderful week, and once again, thanks for all you have done to help your child and our school this unprecedented school year.


Rhonda McGee



New Playground Protocols

We are happy to announce that there are new Covid protocols for recess and outdoor PE activities. Please read below and do not hesitate in contacting administration with any questions.

  • Kinder through 5th grade students no longer have to wear masks during recess and outside PE activities, but are welcome to continue wearing the masks if they so choose. (We will continue with present mask wearing protocols within the building).
  • Playgrounds are now open to use. Students may use our slides, swings and bars during recess, but to limit the amount of students congregating around the equipment, we will still only have one class at a time in zones. Grade level teams will share the equipment.
  • Students are also able to use balls and other PE equipment at recess as long as the equipment is sanitized before use and all students use hand sanitizer before and after recess.
  • Teachers/duties will take note of the students playing on the playground equipment and sharing other recess equipment in case there is a need to contract trace.

Updated Drop Off Protocols

Starting immediately, families may drop off items to our front office if students are in need of them such as lunches, homework and etc. We are still not allowing birthday cakes and etc. at this time. We are still not sharing foods. Thanks for understanding.

Updated School Event Protocols

Like opening our playgrounds, we are also excited to share that we will be hosting, primarily outdoor, end of the year events on campus. Families will be invited. Staff will be planning events and sharing with you in the very near future. We are so excited to have these end of year activities. Can't wait to see you!

STAAR Assessment

This week begins the spring hosting of the STAAR Assessments for our third, fourth and fifth graders. Our fourth graders will take the first assessment on Tuesday, April 6th. They will be taking the Writing STAAR. As always, we encourage our students to get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy breakfast and do their very best.

The other STAAR assessments will be administered in mid-May.

Our students have worked hard all school year, and this is just one part of assessing their knowledge of grade level content. Please do not hesitate to contact our assistant principal, Kimberly Downing, with any questions about STAAR.

Title I Virtual Spring Session

We are excited to share this Virtual Parent Session. This session focuses on Encouraging Children's Growth and Social Skills.

We encourage you to take the time and watch the presentation we have prepared for you!

We ask that you complete the brief survey which can be found at:


Sandra Pena

Misty Gann

Title I Department



BES Returning Information

Attached below is a BES returning information form. The document is asking if your child will be returning to BES this fall or will he/she be attending another school. We appreciate your time and consideration. Please email the completed form to Danielle Aguayo, our office clerk, by April 15, 2021. Thanks so much.

Special Consideration for Placement

Below is a link to a short Google survey. If you would like to share with our school's administration special considerations for your child's placement next school year, please fill out the short survey/form below. The Google Form will be open until April 30, 3021.

Requests for specific teachers will result in the voiding of this request. Although we will most likely have in-person this fall, requesting a teacher is not feasible with the natural movement of staff every summer. We appreciate your understanding.

Special Consideration Form:

KISD SEL Department

Join the Keller ISD's Social Emotional Learning and Counseling Teams for a webinar series to help you support your child's social and emotional growth.

The 2nd webinar for parents and caregivers will be on Tuesday, April 13th at 6:00 p.m. Learn about “Strengthening and Restoring Relationships at Home” with Restorative Practices.

Please see the PDF below for description of the webinars and the sign-up information.

Important Dates

April 5-9: Assistant Principal Appreciation Week

April 6: 4th Grade Writing STAAR Assessment

April 15: Kinder Letterland Dress-up Day

April 15: School Librarian Appreciation Day

April 16: Asynchronous Learning Day...No in-person school

April 19: Fort Worth Museum of Science and History Virtual Family Event #2

April 24: KISD Virtual Letterland Day

April 25-29: Apex Fundraiser Event

April 29: BES Cookout - Cafeteria staff will grill hot dogs for our students.

April 30: Asynchronous Learning Day...No in-person school

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