let us describe what there is in our house

Let us speak about thing which are situated in our houses

We have an elevator in our communal entrance hall. We live on the seventh floor, that’s why we’re glad that we needn’t to walk up.

Our flat is very comfortable and cozy. It has three rooms: my parents’ bedroom, my room, a living room. It also includes a kitchen, a hallway and a bathroom. Our flat is provided with all modern conveniences: cold and hot running water, electricity, central heating, and telephone.

About our rooms

A living room is the biggest one in our flat. It has a long table with several chairs round in the middle. To the right of the table, there is a big wall unit with a wardrobe and different shelves. Opposite the table, an occasional table with a TV set on it stands from one side. There is a cozy sofa with two arm chairs from the other side. The floor is covered with a beautiful carpet with patterns. The pictures are hanging on the walls.

Our kitchen is big enough. In the middle it has a dining-table with chairs. Opposite it, there is a cupboard with cooking utensils. The kitchen has a refrigerator to the right of cupboard and a sink to the left. Our kitchen is well-equipped. It has a toaster, a food processor, a microwave and a coffee maker. We like to spend evenings in our cozy kitchen, to drink tea and talk.

I like my flat very much as it is one of some places, where I feel peaceful.

Some photos