Flashcards Plus!


Getting Stuck In A Sticky Situation!

This is a very resourceful application to have on your phone. Flashcards are a very helpful study tool to have. But sometimes we don't have any or your parents won't take you to the store to buy some. After downloading this app, you have electronic flashcards! On the right is a picture of a vocabulary list I created regarding my Holocaust vocabulary words in Language Arts class!

How To Use

You can create your own deck of words or use saved decks or the ones that come with the app are called "Quizlet Categories" and 'Featured". If you do Customize your own deck, you have to put in the word on the front and the definition on the back.

Perfect for Studying Vocabulary On The Go!

After Downloading, You Won't Regret It!

Teacher Usage

This app is also appropriate for teachers because most teachers love to save paper. Most students also have devices that they can download this app on. So this is the ideal app for teachers to do in class with the students. They can give the students the terminology to input to their device. Then they have an easy way to study on-the-go!