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September 28, 2018

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Curriculum Corner


It has been really cool to watch students annotate text and document their thinking on post-it notes this week. After modeling our thinking with a selection of Patricia Polacco books including Bully, An A from Miss Keller and Junkyard Wonders, fifth graders were given a section of the book as well for them to respond to their reading. Responses included questioning, picturing, predicting, and even giving their "2 cents" worth! We have some deep thinkers and some who definitely aren't afraid to say what they are feeling/thinking straight to the characters in the book! Monitoring for meaning continues into next week as we tackle nonfiction texts in the same way.


On Monday, students used specific criteria to choose the piece of writing that they want to publish. Many have finished the first draft, and so we are moving on the revision piece of the writing process. The biggest lesson here is that students learn that the first draft is NOT the final and that there are many more changes that can be made. Our first stop in revision is adding sensory details. For example, can you tell us what the character was wearing? How about the smells in that haunted house? Or can you tell the reader what that meal tasted like? The key is to keep your reader in mind. We will continue with revision next week, then move into editing for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.


Fifth graders have been rounding whole numbers and decimals to finish up the first part of Unit 1 in math. We completed a study guide together in class today, and our first FDOL will be next Tuesday. Please take time to look over the types of problems your child will be asked to solve. You could even make up a few more problems to give them extra practice and confidence. Then, please sign and return the study guide by Tuesday. Thanks so much for helping your kiddo be successful at school.

Thank you, too, for helping your child remember to work on multiplication fact fluency each evening from Monday-Thursday. I have noticed an increased number of students working hard to master their facts, and while doing so, improving their individual scores! Remember, students are encouraged to use a multiplication chart (found in their planner) to help them should they need it, until they commit each fact to memory.

Social Studies

Time in Social Studies was limited this week due to AIMSWeb testing; however, students are now well underway in their Native American region research. Students are working in small groups to research their regions and prepare a presentation on Google Slides. It's really awesome to seem them take charge of their learning. And because they are responsible for teaching the rest of the class, they are learning how to synthesize information to make it relevant for their audience. It's also fun to see how each group decides to divide the labor; many life lessons happening here!


Mixtures and solutions have been our main focus this week. Not only have students been learning about the differences between heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures, but they have been sorting out examples, recording observations, collaborating with their science groups, and sharing out their learning. Their deeper level thinking and motivation to learn about the world around them, continues to blow me away! Next week we will take our mixtures we have created (gravel & water, powder & water, and salt & water) and engineer a way to separate them and get each substance back into it's original form! Challenge your student this weekend to think about different mixtures that are found in your home (the fridge is a great place to start!)

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Native American Region Group Work

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Dates to Remember

Tues., Sept. 25 Honor Choir (7:50 am)

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Thurs., Sept. 27 - Counselor's Lessons

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