Diagoras of Rhodes

The Olympic Athlete

Diagoras's Personal Life

The life of Diagoras

Diagoras of Rhodes was born to a noble family of the ruling class of Rhodes. Although he was born to a mortal family, many people thought that he was born to the god Hermes, due to his boxing success. Not only was Diagoras a champion Olympiad, but so were his two sons, Damagetos and Akousilaos. Two of the sons of Diagoras's daughters were also Olympic boxing champions.

Diagoras, the Boxing Champion.

Diagoras was the prime example of a champion. He won the the Olympics in 464 BC, 4 Isthmian Games, 2 matches at Nemea, and others elsewhere in Rhodes and Athens. After he died, people considered him a legend. He was also known as a giant and a fair-fighter. Not only a champion boxer, he was also very good at pankration.

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