Mrs. Weitman's 5th Grade

News to Know!

January 17, 2016

A short week this week, but there's plenty going on! Check out this week's newsletter to read the details.

Spelling Bee Winners Declared

Congratulations to Betsy and Aidan, our class's representatives to the school-wide spelling bee. It took a loooong time for a winner to be declared; it was exciting! The school spelling bee will be this Tuesday, January 19, at 6:00pm. Good luck, Betsy and Aidan!

Revolutionary War Museum

All parents are cordially invited to visit the Revolutionary War museum in our classroom this Thursday. Doors will open at 12:30 and close at 1:00. Come visit with the students about their topics, read their self-published books, and learn more about the Revolutionary War. As a way to prepare your child for the event, it would be helpful to have them role play answering questions they may be asked about their topic by our visitors.

What We are Learning this Week

We will continue working with fractions in Math class this week. We will compare fractions in addition to creating equivalent fractions and renaming fractions as decimals.

This is an exciting week in Writing! The students will be putting the final touches on their Revolutionary War books and completing their projects (if they chose to do one). Thank you to everyone for helping your child at home. I imagine we ALL know more about the Revolutionary War than we did a couple months ago! The highlight of this unit will be our Revolutionary War museum which opens (and closes) this Thursday, January 21.

In ELA we have been studying narrative nonfiction. We will continue to use narrative nonfiction texts to study character traits, metaphors and similes this week.

Math Extension class will be used mainly as a chance to reinforce what the students are learning about fractions in Math class. A solid knowledge base of fractions is beneficial to have as the students advance through their school careers.

Scholastic Book Club Orders

Book order forms are going home this week and are due on Thursday, January 21. Orders (and payment) may be turned in to me, or you may order online. If you choose to order online, our class code is PC4J3.

Upcoming Events

January 19

Moby Max Testing

(no studying necessary)

January 19


School-wide Spelling Bee

January 21


Revolutionary War Museum

January 22

No School

Teacher Professional Development Day