Pictures examples By Patrick Acosta


This picture shows an example of bandwagon because it tells everyone knows what that product is so you should know too.

Ego Tripping

Company makes you think that using their product will make you attractive,popular,noticeable,etc.


Kleenex Tissues often compare their products to someone else's in hopes to make theirs look better.

Glittering Generalities

Crest presents their toothpaste with sparks and visual effects that make their consumers to buy it.

Name Calling

Comparing the advertisements presentation of the product and in comparison of what they're product actually looks like.

Name Dropping

Uses a famous figure to pitch the game so that people will play it.

Emotional Appeal

Uses emotions to get the consumers to donate money to help the animals.


Company uses slogans to get people to buy their products

Plain Folk

Company uses an ordinary person to advertise the company's product.