Suburban Sprawl

A suburban sprawl is a multifaceted concept centered on the expansion of auto-oriented low density development. In other words a suburban sprawl is cutting down trees and building a community like a SuperTarget and other local stores along with houses and they are built very close together.

Another explanation of a suburban sprawl is that it destroys nature by turning rural areas to urban ares with a suburban sprawl, which means turning all the trees into houses or some sort of buildingd known as libraries or the medical centers in out community.

Negative Efffects on the Enviornment

The cutting down trees give us air and as we cut down trees the air will be going away through the years .Sooner or later we'll have at least 500,000 trees if we dont re-plant as we cut.

How Wildlife is effected

When we cut down animal's homes they dont have a place to live and dont survive. with that, some of them could become extinct.


All wildlife is affected and in danger because they are open to predators that can kill them also known as humans and cars.

how people are affected by this

People are affected because when you cut donw trees the amount of air is decreasing slowly and humans need the air to breathe.