Library Update

September 2015 - Teacher edition

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Let me introduce myself, I am Diana Knight, the new librarian at the middle and high schools. I come from Cedarburg Schools and have also worked in Oak Creek, Pewaukee, and Milwaukee.

In addition, I spent a few summers with the UWM Writing Project as a Tech Liaison, while I'm not the greatest writer, I have an interest in writing and the teaching of writing.

Typically, every month I send out an email update in a teacher and a student version. I will let you know the cool things I find or learn about regarding books, reading, technology, digital literacy, personalized and connected learning.

Please bookmark my website, where you will find lots of resources for kids, parents, and teachers. Until I have another space, this is where I will post New Book Spotlights for the kids, that will contain a blurb, review or trailer on new books.

Follow me for my Professional Personal Learning Network on Twitter as @dkwi.

I’ve set up a twitter acct for the library and students, also follow @sdsmReads for what's going on in the library media center.

I was able to join a few of the departments to introduce myself and have found them to be incredibly helpful as I learn curriculum and find ways to support you in digital and info literacy, personalized learning, SLO goals, digital citizenship, workshop model, independent reads, etc. etc. I will continue to stop in during common planning times, but if there's a specific conversation or collaboration that you know I can be of service, please invite me to your planning sessions. Or stop by the library, both of my offices are located just off the library spaces.

Email is probably the best way to contact me.

I'm so happy to be here among very inspiring educators! Thanks for being so welcoming, I really appreciate all the kindness. ;-) I'm looking forward to a transforming year.

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Join PBS LearningMediaLearningMedia and Monterey Bay Aquarium for a classroom Twitter Party on 9/1 from 7-8pm EST about marine biology, conservation, endangered species and more. Use hashtag #BigBlueClass to participate and tune-in to BBC Big Blue Live] on PBS 8/31-9/2.
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Teachers Teaching Teachers About Technology

Diana Knight

Library Media Specialist/Tech Integrator

"Architect of Wonder"

Twitter accts: @sdsmReads

and @dkwi