ADCO Circuits

Major Considerations When Choosing an Electronic Contract Manufacturing Company

Finding a reliable electronics contract manufacturer is a critical task that you should put much time and thought into if you want consistently high quality and successful production runs. It is good to have a set of criteria to look for in a prospective company so you can compare your options and find the best value for your investment. Just the same, you should remember that price isn't everything when it comes to finding good value contract electronic assembly services especially since you generally get what you pay for with these kinds of services. Take time to research the vendor or vendors you are considering and look for the following things:

• Financial stability – Because contract electronics manufacturing generally requires a significant initial capital oftentimes beyond what your upfront payment can cover, you want a company that can provide you with ample and reasonable assurances that they have the resources and the capital necessary to put the order together on time, while meeting your specifications and expectations.

• Certifications – Look for proper operator certifications. There are dozens of institutions and organizations around the world that work to test, evaluate, and make sure that these companies are up to manufacturing standards. Upon checking the background of your prospect company, and make sure that they are certified by the proper organizations and possess the right quality system certifications.

• Professional PCB assembly environment – An electronic contract manufacturer's output is only as good as their actual working environment so look for a well-managed, neat, orderly, and professional assembly environment. Pay significant attention to their electrostatic discharge and humidity protections, which can have tremendous impact on the quality and reliability of their products and even their machinery.

• Good information management – Successful manufacturing services require robust data management systems, especially when handling high-volume projects. Ask about your electronic contract manufacturer's integrated resource planning system, information control and management, prior, during, and after the production process.

• Superior equipment set – Just as important as the work environment, raw materials, and skill set of your electronic contract manufacturer is their equipment system. Make sure that your electronic contract manufacturing company makes significant hardware investments to ensure the overall quality of the finished product or prototype.

• Transparency – Finally, look for a company that maintains open communication and ensures transparency during every stage of the process.

About the Company:

ADCO Circuits offers electronic design and circuit board assembly services to aerospace/military, telecommunications, automotive, industrial/commercial, wireless and medical equipment markets. They provide electronic designing, contract manufacturing, rapid prototyping and PCB assembly services in Michigan. They are an ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified and compliant to AS 9100 and ISO 13485.