By: Sophia Kuhn

Career Cluster: Agriculture

Food And Natural Resources

Teacher: Swierczek

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Personal Strengths

I choose this career because..

  • I Love Animals
  • I Love To Help Animals
  • I Am Good At Science

Personal Skills

  • Speaking
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Science

Education And Training

For This Job The Degree's I Need Are...

  • Associates Degree
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree
  • Ph.D.
I Have A Choice To Get My M.D, And My J.D. I Will Try To Get Both Of Them

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Work Environment

At This Job I Will...

  • Do Surgery On Animals
  • I Will Work In A Office
  • I Will Stay In One Place For This Job
  • I Will Work With Animals
  • My Schedule Will Be Different Every Day
  • My Job Will Be Very Stressful Because My Schedule Will Change Every Day


  • At This Job My Hourly Salary Will Be $39.72
  • My Annual Salary Is $82,610
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Job Outlook

  • In 2023 When I Graduate Their Will Be 9% To 13% Jobs Available
  • Their Will Be +14% Opportunities For A Promotions For This Job