Book Review By B.L Rajacic

Alice in Wonderland; Lewis Carroll

About the Book

This book is a big adventure because Alice falls asleep and has a dream and in her dream she meets the White Rabbit that is always late for a meeting, she also meets the smoking caterpillar that will never stop smoking, she also meets the Cheshier cat who the never stops smiling and that always diappears. She also meets the Queen of Hearts who thinks she is the best (but she really isn't). In her dream Alice tries to get back home but the White Rabbit can help her find her way back home, but he is late for a meeting with the Queen of Hearts.

Favourite part of the book and a conection I can make

My favourit part of the book is when Alice meets the Cheshier cat because he always disappaers or tells her the wrong path to take so she then finds the singing flowers that don't like her because she isn't a flower.The conection I can make with this book is my brother always tells me the wrong way to go and he doesn't like me because I am not a boy.

Alice in wonderland pictures


My recommendation is if you like to read Snow White or Cindarella I am sure you will love this book.