A Christmas Carol background

Kaden Murray

Charles Dickens' Childhood

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." (A Tale of Two Cities) Charles Dickens is a world famous author that wrote many novels during his lifetime in the 1800s. He is known for writing "Great Expectations", "A Tale of Two Cities", and many more novels. A Tale of Two Cities symbolized the violence in the french revolution. As a child, his father was very irresponsible with money and as a result his family was thrown into a debtors prison. as a result, young Dickens was sent to a shoe-polish to help pay off the debt. When his father was released, his mother suggested Charles stay at the shoe-polish factory, which emotionally scarred him for life, which he references many times in his novels. The Victorian Era he wrote about was famous for great architecture and traces of building styles from the Victorian Era can still often be seen in churches.
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A Christmas Carol

One of Dickens' most influential novels was "A Christmas Carol, Which brought the famous Christian holiday back to public eye. When he wrote it, he described gift giving around a Christmas tree, and great celebrations of an almost forgotten holiday. At the time he wrote 'A Christmas Carol", Christmas was not seen as important and business meetings were often scheduled on christmas day itself.

Child Labor in the Victorian Era.

Children today have good lives. We get schooling, and are taken care of by their parents. Most of us are given gifts on holidays. The Victorian Era in Europe was the opposite of that. The lower class was larger, and lower class families viewed children objectively, like Charles Dickens' mother viewed him. They were not given gifts, but instead sent away to work for the family at factories at which they received extremely low wages. Some children were sent away by their parents being tempted by the child getting minimal food, minimal boarding, and long work hours under the trade where they received as little as one cent a day for their services.

Positions of power.

Queen Victoria was, respectively, in power during the Victorian Era. She inherited the position of power from her parents.

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution sprouted many major cities in Europe. It made the working class grow, and made child labor a problem so big it was the major social issue.

Why we need to understand the Victorian Era.

The Victorian era was a time of innovation and architecture. We need to understand this stuff because many parts of life in the Victorian Era are present in life today, such as some church designs and classic books, which are studied in many classes for various professions.