lysergic acid diethylamide

It is a mood changing chemical, a synthetic crystalline compound, and a potent hallucinogenic drug
Comes in small tablets,

capsules, and

soaked in special paper

normally with cartoons on it

Some names for it are;

*Loony tunes

*yellow sunshine

*golden dragon

*battery acid

*Lucy in the sky with diamonds



*California sunshine

*purple heart


Short term effects;


*altered memory

*feeling many emotions at one time

*feeling a 'magical experience'

*bad trip that is frightening/ uncomfortable

Long term effects;



*self-inflicted wounds


*prolonged after-images(rare)

*birth defects for pregnant women.

Signs of abuse;

*sweating/ chills





*the inability to operate machinery.

It is not considered highly addictive because most people can stop using it on their own, but its dependence is psychological.