Flame and Coal

Blake Roth


Flames were burning bright with fire in the night. The cherry red sunset that they give out for all to see. Dancing in joyous ways to all of their favorite songs. As dancing in unison a song came on, Fireball. Every one loved this song fire ball. accept for one, Flame. Flame hated this song he hated it so much that while bursting with anger, he almost burnt out his fire. After this, Flame went home to warm up. He went home kicking twigs, crunching branches, and throw rocks at trees. This has ruined his night. Flame imagined that next week they probably not play this song. Well, do to him. Then as he was walking home he ran into coal, one of his friends from collage. They then talked a while on the way to flame's house. At flame's house flame told Coal all about what happened. Coal heard it all he knew that Flame would still go to the dance next week. Flame and Coal then hung out for the rest of the night. They hung out the whole entire week. After their time together, the dance came back up. They both went. They were all having a great time but then, Fireball came on. Flame thought about leaving. They stayed though. Flame tried dancing to the song but he just couldn't do it. Coal danced and helped Flame dance to. Flame suddenly liked the song. After the dance Flame and Coal hung out for the rest of the night.