Monster Energy Original 16oz

Report on the Marketing of Monster Enrgy

Layman's Term for Monster Energy

Provides energy for when you're tired.

The Four P's of Monster Enrgy

Product: Monster Energy sell energy drinks

Price: $1.50-$2.50

Place: Sold in gas stations, grocery stores, and sporting events.

Promotion: Many sporting events, billboards, partnerships with other companies, and commercials.

Feature vs. Benefits

Provides energy- You can finish jobs quicker, and it improves your athletic ability/helps perform on a higher level.

Helps you wake up in the morning- You are capable of starting your day early and getting things done.

Good source of Vitamin B- Keeps your body in shape and prevents weight gain from the drink.

Meets 100 percent of the daily value for vitamin B-12, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B-6- Keeps your body healthy and in shape.

Keeps you awake at night- Helps you stay awake you get jobs and studies done late at night.

Suggestive Selling

When buying our product we suggest you buy sports equipment including, soccer balls, basketballs, volleyball, tennis balls/rackets. We also suggest school supplies for when you have late nights studies. Lastly, we suggest bottles to put your monster in if you do not like cans or you need to prevent spills.

Target Market

Ages- males from the teen years to the ages around forty.

Races- we are looking for any race so we have a large amount of customers.

Income level- any income level; prices for Monster are cheap.

Interests/hobbies- most hobbies/interests consist of sports, fun, and parties.

Lifestyle- Our customers lifestyle ranges around adrenaline seekers, like to party, lots of outdoor activities, extreme, action, and motor sports.

Strategies of Monster Energy

Monster Energy supply false images of the opposite sex into the minds of these men (and teenagers as well) and cause them to form these delusions of grandeur over all other females that involve the sexual desire of men. Men's natural ambitions and desires.

History of Monster Energy

Monster Energy was founded in April 2002. A couple of investors went around to buy a beverage company, when one of the investors, Hilton Schlosberg, found a company named Hansen. He changed the company into an energy drink that was not too good. Eventually he made a stand off alone company with the same name. This pushed people away so with the help of Mark Hall they named it Monster.

Future for Monster

They are expecting aggressive growth. Monster Java coffee + energy is coming out soon, and this product is a mix of coffee and monster energy blend. The product is improving, unfortunately the company is hitting hiccups but they are trying to upgrade Monster Energy.


Our competition is Red Bull. Monster competes with their price, meaning they try to have the cheapest drink. They also compete with the quality, meaning their drink keeps you more awake and provides more energy. Monster Energy follows Red Bull. Red Bull presents new trends and monster expands off of these trends.

Four P's of Red Bull

Product- product sold by Red Bull are energy drinks

Place- sold in gas stations, sporting events, and grocery stores

Price- $1.75-$2.50

Promotion- they are promoted through sporting events and commercials

Red Bull History

Red Bull was created by Dietrich Mateschitz in the mid 1980's. He invented the Red Bull Energy Drink formula and created the marketing style of Red Bull. Red Bull was sold for the first time in Austria on April 1, 1987.

Red Bull Future

In 2014 Red Bull sold more than 5.6 billion cans. Red Bull is now targeting the core of the United States ad the Far East, while also continuing world wide Red bull editions. Major increases in production and marketing is expected, anymore Red bull is expected to reach to more of the world.

My Four P's

Product- energy drinks

Place- I would sell it in grocery stores, sports events, and restaurants

Price- $2.00-$3.00

Promotion- I would promote monster through sporting events, video games, and schools

My strategy

I would raise prices so that people view my product as higher quality compare to Red Bull. If this were to not work I would contact schools and make partnerships. I would do this, because many students are up late doing homework and some need the extra energy.

Relationship with our Customers

I would invite people to our sporting events that appeal to their interest. I would also ask them to subscribe to our magazines, which advertise our products and provide sports information.