Newman's News

May 1, 2016


I can’t believe we are into the 6th 6 weeks grading period. Final stretch! It is really important that your child remain on a consistent schedule, get plenty of sleep, and continue to work hard and stay focused. We had a serious talk at the beginning of the week about pushing hard for 4 weeks (three now), and then we can let up and relax a bit. I am very pleased with their progress so far. They did great on their first math tests of the grading period!

A few reminders…

  • Don’t forget to help your child set attainable and measurable goals in their data notebook.

  • Latta Plantation field trip is this coming Thursday, May 5th. Here are a few reminders...

- Bring a disposable bagged lunch from home

- Wear Sneakers and your class t-shirt

- Apply sunscreen at home before coming to school

Last Week...

In Reading, we started to review for the EOG’s. I modeled for students how to use their strategies as they worked through different genres and question stems. We talked about how going back in the text to prove your answer is not optional. Students need to be doing it for every question. Please help reinforce this at home with TOTW homework. Students also worked on building stamina in independent reading.

In Math, we started a mini review unit on time, calendar, and money. Students in fourth grade need to work on adding and subtracting money (lining up decimals), reading and answering questions with a calendar, and finding elapsed time (ex: practice started at 6:04 and ended at 8:15, how long was practice?).

In Writing and Round Table time, our class reviewed our Mock Math EOG. We went over several of the questions that the majority missed. These assessments are coming home next week for you to review with your child. Although they were scored, they did not count towards their grade. There were also some questions on the assessment which hadn’t been covered at that time. We started to write a personal narrative based around an event that took place as a fourth grader. We reviewed how to plan out their stories, using a story mountain or story board.

In Social Studies, our class went to Mrs. Rathbone for their final SS unit. They started to talk about the North Carolina culture, as well as the diverse groups of people who settled in NC, and their traditions. Students have been working hard on their “People and Culture” webquest.

Next week...

In Reading, we will continue to review all skills taught this year. We will focus on myths and fiction passages. I will first model how to read through a text and use test taking strategies to prove my thinking, then students will work in partnerships and go through the same steps, finally they will work through a passage independently to see how well they are using their strategies. You can help your child at home by making sure they USE STRATEGIES as they complete passages for homework as extra practice. They MUST prove their thinking. Your child should be reading a minimum of 40 minutes each night. This will help them to build stamina as well. Students will have 4 reading assessments this grading period. All assessments will reflect what they’ve learned throughout the year. We are not providing quizlets for reading this 6 weeks. Students need to use context clues to infer the meanings of words.

In Math, we will work on elapsed time to prepare students for their money and time assessment. We will also be reviewing skills taught throughout the year. Students will have 4 assessments this grading period (one is on time, money, and calendar, and the other three will be all skills review).

In Writing, we will continue to work on writing personal narratives. Then we will take those narratives and write a drama and poem inspired by them.

In Social Studies, our class will continue to learn about the art and culture of NC through different rotations. Ask your child to tell you all about what they are learning. They will also continue to work on their webquest in class, which is due on 5/3. Your child should be studying their notes nightly to prepare for their “People and Culture” assessment. They can also use quizlet.

Important Dates and Events...

5/1-5/6 - Teacher Appreciation Week

5/3 - Reading Review Assessment #1

5/3 - SS Webquest Due

5/5 - Latta Plantation Field Trip- Wear class T-shirt

5 /6 - Time and Money Summative

5/6 - People and Culture Assessment