New Guinea

by Leila Koochek and Jake Reynolds


New Guinea is in danger of collapsing because of three reasons; New Guinean citizens were stuck in a ponzi scheme, highland citizens were not contributing to the society, and the geography lay out of the crops.

The Ponzi Scheme

New Guinean citizens wanted fast money, which led them into a ponzi scheme led by their government. The division between the rich and the poor citizens was so wide the government had to apply the dictates of the “Money Rain, Windfall and Bonanza” investors which went behind New Guineas back to take all of their money.Through the scheme many operators fired citizens form their jobs and targeted rural communities in particular.The schemes offered the promise of quick wealth, an escape from poverty and falling living standards. Because of the scheme More than one million out of the population of 4.5 million live below the official poverty line, and over 70 percent of adults are illiterate and 23 percent of people die before the age of 40. at this point there is no hope that the PNG government will provide compensation.The failure of the schemes to pay back investors has evoked considerable anger. Last December thousands of people converged on Buka in the Bougainville group of islands to seek refunds and payments from U-Vistract and Moneylink. People had travelled from as far as Buin, Siwai and Nissan Island demanding payment.

Highland Citizens

The citizens who lived in the highlands of New Guinea did not contribute to the rest of the society. Before when New Guinea started, they lived sustainably for about 46,000 years, but the citizens in the highlands sort of “dropped out” of New Guinean society starting their own way of life. They would not give money to the economy causing a fall in significance in the society. They wouldn’t trade often with the other citizens, only if they got items back for a higher status and worth. The highlanders lived in huts, were always at war with each other, had no kings or even chiefs running the whole system, had no source of writing and war little to no clothing in extreme temperatures. They also had lacked tools made of metal. This caused trouble in New Guinea because these citizens were always causing chaos in the area and making New Guinea not a safe place to live.


The geography in New Guinea is extremely challenging to live in. They have unbearable hot tropical rainforests in the lowlands which are also inhabited. The crops they had were very fertile, but one of their cropping methods caused a lot of trouble for the citizens. One European Agricultural saw that the villagers made a huge mistake in their cropping method, having their water drained right into a slope that lead right into a huge garden, thus killing the crops. The lack of food troubled all the citizens.
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