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March 2019, The Center for Teaching Excellence

Summer 2019 Teaching Online Certificate Program

Applications are now being accepted for the Summer 2019 session.

The Teaching Online Certificate Program (TOC) prepares and certifies faculty to teach and design online courses at Georgia Southern University. The Summer 2019 TOC Program consists of three parts: a five-week online workshop, a three-week course development practicum, and two face-to-face technical training workshops.

TOC Workshop: May 20 – June 23 (5 weeks)

TOC Design Practicum: July 1 through July 21 (3 weeks)

Apply now for the Summer 2019 TOC Program

*Please do not register on the University Training Website. Please login to your Georgia Southern email account to fill out the application. Online seats are limited. Full-time faculty who are assigned to teach online courses during the Summer 2019, Fall 2019, and Spring 2020 semesters will receive priority placement.

Designing Technology-Facilitated Group Work

Technology allows instructors to create more collaboration between students in face-to-face, blended, and online classes. This session will explore research-based, pedagogical reasons for using collaborative tools to facilitate group work, regardless of your course format. We encourage you to attend the companion tool training to this workshop, "Folio Groups." Come find out how you can get your students working together more effectively!

Monday, March 25 from 3-4 pm in Solms 207 (Armstrong)

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Communicating & Connecting with Your Colleagues

Join your colleagues online during this 30-minute CTE Webinar to share various teaching strategies and technology resources related to the following topics:

  • Engaging Students
  • Course Design
  • Time Management
  • Technology/Apps and Tips

Addie Martindale, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the School of Human Ecology teaching Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design classes. Her research focuses on apparel design and merchandising pedagogy, the motivations and consumption practices of nontraditional apparel consumers, and sustainable design.

Monday, March 25 from 7:30-8 pm (Online)

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Connect from your office or phone remotely to learn about tips, tricks, and tools of teaching offered by a panel of your colleagues.

Web Accessibility Workshop - Online

This self-paced, fully online workshop covers methods to help you meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards by making online course documents and files accessible to learners with disabilities.

Participants may complete the activities at any time while the workshop is open. Participants can expect to spend four to six hours to complete the workshop. Certificates of Completion are awarded to faculty who complete the workshop successfully.

The workshop is open from March 25 to April 15. Online seats are limited to 12 participants.

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Faculty Writers Boot Camp

Extended writer's boot camps offer faculty a way to get in extensive writing time without sacrificing their entire break. By attending the boot camp all day every day for four straight days, you get a lot of writing done. Participants work in timed 75-minute sessions on their writing and research.

Please note: this is not a writing workshop. You will not receive instruction on how to improve your writing. You will have the opportunity to focus on getting your writing done.

Friday, March 29

9:15 am-4 pm | Cone 2027 & 2029 (Statesboro)

9:15 am-4 pm | Solms 207 (Armstrong)

March 30, Saturday

9:15 am-4 pm | Cone 2027 & 2029 (Statesboro)

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Google Friday Workshops

Explore the Google applications with the CTE in our new Google Friday Workshop Series! These occur almost every Friday on the Statesboro campus in Cone 2027 from 10:10-11:10 am.

Be on the lookout for the Armstrong campus schedule!

Statesboro Campus Schedule

April 5 | Extend the Experience & Build a Googley Professional Learning Network

April 12 | Keep It Together with Google Keep

April 19 | Highlight How Students Learn with HyperDocs, Part 1

April 26 | Highlight How Students Learn with HyperDocs, Part 2

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2019 Faculty Awards Deadlines

Armstrong Faculty Development Awards

All awards listed below are due by 5 PM on March 25, 2019.

The CTE is currently accepting nominations for the following 2019 Armstrong Campus Faculty Awards. An Armstrong faculty member is one who teaches 75% of his/her course load on the Armstrong/Liberty campuses.

  • Kristina Brockmeier Award
  • Judge Ron Ginsberg Faculty Excellence Award
  • Award for Distinguished Faculty Service to the Community
  • Alumni Award for Distinguished Faculty Service to the Academic Discipline
  • Award for Distinguished Faculty Service to the University
  • Award for Distinguished Faculty Service by a Part-Time Faculty Member

For guidelines and documents to submit, see our Faculty Awards page.

Submit applications online to the CTE via email to cte@georgiasouthern.edu.

If you do not receive a confirmation receipt for your submissions within 48 hours, please inquire to cte@georgiasouthern.edu or call (912) 344-3607.

Register for CTE Events & Workshops

Events may be cancelled if fewer than 5 participants register.

March 25, Monday

Objective Tests II: Response Analysis & Interpretation | 11:30 am-1:00 pm | Cone 2029 (Statesboro)

Designing Technology-Facilitated Group Work | 3-4 pm | Solms 207 (Armstrong)

Communicating & Connecting with Your Colleagues | 7:30-8 pm | Webinar

March 27, Wednesday

Folio Foundations: Kaltura A/V | 11:10 am-12:10 pm | Cone 2027 (Statesboro)

Folio Foundations: Kaltura A/V | 2:30-3:30 pm | Solms 207 (Armstrong)

March 28, Thursday

Objective Tests II: Response Analysis & Interpretation | 2:30-4 pm | Solms 207 (Armstrong)

March 29, Friday

Faculty Writers Boot Camp | 9:15 am-4 pm | Cone 2027 & 2029 (Statesboro)

Faculty Writers Boot Camp | 9:15 am-4 pm | Solms 207 (Armstrong)

March 30, Saturday

Faculty Writers Boot Camp | 9:15 am-4 pm | Cone 2027 & 2029 (Statesboro)