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Monday, January 11, 2016

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BookFit Bowl

Arcado’s BookFit Bowl kicked off on Wednesday, January 6th. The BookFit Bowl is challenging students to read a certain amount each day and to get pledges to help Arcado raise funds for classroom libraries. You can participate by registering your student on using the code 735-737. Once your student(s) gets registered they will receive a free gift the next day at school. Thank you for your support!


With the BookFit Bowl, there is no selling or delivering products, and it reinforces the value of learning and leadership. Family and friends anywhere in the world can support our school by giving pledges toward the number of “Learning Laps” your student correctly completes throughout the Bookfit Bowl program.

To make our fundraising significantly easier, more profitable, and more fun, we’ve asked the experts at Boosterthon to power the entire 9-day program. Boosterthon has been organizing Fun Runs for 13 years and is partnering with 1,600 other schools across America this year. They are officially launching a learning-focused fundraiser called the BookFit Bowl that is all the fun of their Fun Run program combined with reading.

The BookFit Bowl supports our ongoing reading focus at Arcado Elementary with a month long emphasis on reading for our students! We will focus on reading daily for the fun of it!

Students are challenged to use daily reading times to build a habit and a love of learning. Students will be challenged to understand that studying any subject in school builds great character. Reading is always connected from one learning opportunity to the next!


Regardless of financial participation, every student is invited to participate in the entire BookFit Bowl program. Students will also receive a FREE gift just by being registered on Every student at our school will be challenged to read every day to help build the habit of reading and the love of learning. You can join in at home with them!



UPDATE on Parkview Cluster Redistricting

A revised Parkview Cluster redistricting map was published at Thursday night's public forum. A large copy of the map is available outside Arcado's front office. You can also visit our school website to view the map. Parents, teachers, and community members have another opportunity to give the board of education input at the January 21st public forum. The public forum will begin at 5:30 in the board of the Instructional Support Center.

Please contact JW Mozley, our school redistricting representative, if you have questions about the process.

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Georgia Milestones Spring 2015 Results

Parents of 4th and 5th grade students will receive their child's Spring 2015 Individual Student Report in the report card envelope. Please reference the GMAS Parent's Guide for more information about the student report.

In one school year a child spends....

I recently saw a statistic that was quite profound to me. In one school year a child spends 7800 hours at home and 900 hours at school. This information solidifies my belief that the home/school connection is critical for student achievement and success. In order for true learning to happen, a student must use time at home to practice academic knowledge and skills. Now I know that weekday evenings can be very busy where time might be limited for parents to connect academically with their children, but think about all the other time during the school year. Weekends, holidays....those times when students are away from school and there is more time for families to make that school connection.

I want to thank all of you for making the commitment to support your child's learning by making time for learning to happen...outside of the school day.

I wish all of you a wonderful 2016!

Ms. Young

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No School Monday, January 18 in observance of Martin Luther King Day

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