One Word

that will change your life

In the beginning....

Chapter 1: The Story of One Word

Have you ever made a new year's resolution? How did it turn out? Were you successful in maintaining it through the year?

If you can't recall one you have made in the past, below are a few common ones for 2018:

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Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be to maintain a resolution through an entire year? How easy it is to move past the newness and step away from the goal?

Think about why Jon Gordon developed "One Word" and what power there is in being able to maintain specific focus.

"The most important part of life change is a change of the heart."

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Post a "meme" that speaks to the resolution you made and/or your fulfillment of that resolution. Have fun, be creative, and enjoy reading what your teammates post!

Matt DePuy - 6th Math