kitchen fire safety

by Joshua Bellerive

Ways to Prevent Kitchen Fires from happening

1. Never leave what you're cooking unattended.

2. Keep anything that could catch fire away from the stove and oven.

3. Double check to make sure everything is turned off regularly.

4. Use a timer to remind you to turn the oven or stove off

smothering fire Techniques

the best way to put out a fire is using baking soda or if the fire isn't too big, cover the fire with some sort of a glass or metal lid, NO PLASTIC.


Fire Prevention Awareness demonstration at the University of South Carolina

Kitchen Fire Damages Northwest Las Vegas house

Firefighters got there and everyone was outside and safe, the firefighters went in the house and saw the stove on fire which spread quickly to the attic causing over $65,000 worth of damage. This could happen to anyone, so stay as safe as possible.