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My Chromebook Won't Power On or Charge.

The Chromebooks are programmed to turn on when you open the cover. Once you open the cover, don't hit the power button. This can sometimes cause the Chromebook to freeze.

  1. Close your Chromebook, plug it in, and open it.
  2. If this does not work, see the instructions for a powerwash.

My Chromebook is showing a white box when I try to get onto Launchpad.

See the directions for a powerwash.

I Need to Powerwash My Chromebook.

Plug the charger into your Chromebook, open the Chromebook cover, and hold down the Refresh and Power buttons at the same time and then release.

If this does not work, bring your Chromebook to the library for additional assistance.

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My Username is Invalid.

Have a teacher, friend, or the librarian complete a Technology Help Desk Ticket on Launchpad.

I've had a schedule change, and my courses are not showing in Canvas.

For students with new schedules, please allow 24-48 hours for your courses to populate in Canvas. If it has been more than 48 hours, please enter a Technology Help Desk Ticket on Launchpad. A friend, teacher, or the librarian can help you enter a technology ticket.

Aledo Secure Print is not showing as an option.

  1. First, check the down arrow next to "Save as PDF."
  2. Click "See More."

If the printer still does not show, click Cancel and follow these steps:
  • Click the puzzle piece on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Scroll Down
  • Select Y Soft SAFEQ Chrome Print
  • Check the box next to "Refresh Printers List."
  • Go back to your document and try printing.

Where do I go to enter a Technology Help Desk Ticket?

Go to Launchpad and click on the technology icon to begin a Help Desk Ticket.
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I need to talk to someone from the Technology Department

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