Digital Badging

May 2016 Issue 6

Badge Stats to Date

  • Digital Badges issued so far: 6735
  • Digital Badges issued this school year: 5336
  • Schools who are Badging: 21
  • Community Endorsers: 20
  • Bright Spots

    Virginia Court Elementary teachers dive deeply into Badging as they connect Digital Badges to their Science curriculum. These teachers here recognize the 21st Century Skill development in their students and see the importance for their students to be aware of their assets. Julianne Caravella and Briana Kehoe, both 2nd grade teachers, are having their students build a Google Presentation which highlights their work as they go through the Scientific method. Fifth grade, teacher Allison Sandler, is having students take pictures on their IPADS of all Science experiment components. Students who upload examples of rigorous work will have the opportunity to earn a reward with Endorsers of the Critical Thinking Summit Badge. Nice job Virginia Court teachers for allowing your students the opportunity to be recognized for their amazing work!

    Endorser Highlight

    Do you have students who are interested in learning how things work? Do they love taking things apart and putting them back together or are general question askers and solvers? If so, help them develop their Invention skills so they may earn an opportunity to learn from the developers at Puzzah! Puzzah! is an interactive puzzle room located in downtown Denver. They are unique as their rooms are all technology based, interactive, and adaptive. If your students earn the Invention Summit Badge, and choose this Endorser as their reward, they will get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to develop and build one of these rooms.


    Did you know you can “tag” the Digital Badges issued to your students? After you have issued the Badge, add a tag to make it more easily searchable. Simply add a word into the tagging pop-up box after you have issued the Badges. Just like you can add hashtags to your Twitter or Instagram posts, the same is true with Credly! This is just one way that you can more easily run reports when organizing Badges in your Credly account.

    Upcoming Events and Trainings

    Digital Badging Virtual Office Hours (our last training of the school year!)

    Badge Summit

    • Friday, June 24, 8:00
    • Get Avatar credit: 4644.6126
    • For free entry for APS Staff, please email the Department of Equity and Learning for a code.
    Badge Summit

    Click here for details on the event

    Amanda Rose McLean - Digital Badge Partner

    Feel free to contact me with questions. I would love to stop by your room and listen for Badging opportunities or introduce Badging to your students.
    Digital Badge Website

    Check out our Digital Badge website for resources and training materials.