Open House

By: Diya Patel

Digital Portfolio

We have a digital portfolio which keeps track of all of the things we have done in each class. Every six weeks we update our digital portfolio so that each of our classes on our digital portfolio can tell you what we did in those six weeks.


What is my We are writing and solving equations. Sometimes you can get frustrated because you don't have the right answer or your answer don't equal. So it was hard when I first started but then slowly once I started practicing everything started making more sense.

Social Studies

In social studies this six weeks we were learning about the different parts of Asia. We did padlets, which included maps and quizzes that we had to do. All of the activities and quizzes that we do, count for points that all add up to a hundred.

Language Arts

These six weeks we were practicing annotations. We would annotate articles and poems then the teacher would see how well we annotated and give us advice on how to improve our annotations. We also have STAAR passage questions where we have to read the article or poem and then we have to answer questions.

Creative Writing

This six weeks in creative writing we drew comics and drew a caricature. We drew comics from the story that we made up. A caricature is a drawing of someone that you exaggerate the features of. The person I drew a caricature about was Vanessa Hudgens. The features I exaggerated was her eyes and her smile. The picture I have below is not the one I drew it is an example


This six weeks in P.E. we were playing basketball, we played games and did activities which helped us improve our basketball skills. One activity we did was knockout another activity we did was king of the court.
Basketball With Diya(Open House)


We made a logo in art for the fundraising event for the clay kiln. We made a logo and then got it approved by our parents and then we asked people if they wanted our logo on an item. That money then goes to the clay kiln.


In science we learned about the energy resources, the pros and cons of the energy resource that we had. I got petroleum and we had a debate on which energy resource was good for the City of Coppell.