All about Basketball

By: Madison Packard **To my coaches of 2016**


Some rules in basketball are simple. Some rules on the other hand are really, really hard.

One rule about basketball is you can't double dribble. If you don't know double dribbling is then it is when you dribble the ball, pick it up, and then dribble it again.

Another rule is you can't travel with the ball. This rule takes a lot of practicing because its very easy to do.

Traveling is when you pick up the ball and run with it and don't dribble!!


Fouling is a good thing and a bad one. Fouling is when you accidentally hit someone or hit some one like that.

Fouling is good because if you or your teammate gets fouled you get to shoot two baskets if you make 1 you get 1 point. Its bad because if you foul someone they get to shoot 2 baskets and if they make 1 they get 1 point like you.


When your in a basketball league you get a uniform. When you get a uniform you also get a number on your uniform.

For example, this year, I have the number 9 on my uniform. Uniform numbers also help you know who your guarding during the game.

The cool thing about uniforms is that your whole team has one and thats really cool.

This year my team uniform color is pink!


In a basketball game refs are very important because,

they decide if you double dribbled or traveled. Refs basically call all of the shots! Sorry bad joke, forget I said that.

Refs you could say are almost genous when it comes too basketball. I know not fare!

Refs go by all the rules and i learned the hard way.


In basketball there are certain positions you have to be in, like defense and other positions.

On defense you are trying to guard your person so that they don't go and get the ball and make a basket and win BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE TERRIBLE!

Anyway its important too guard your person or they would win for sure! :)

The court

People are only allowed to play three quarters in a game. People mainly play three quarters when another person on there teams not there or there coaches want them too.
The court you could say has different sections. What I mean by that is there is the free throw line and the half court line. And etc. These are very important though. For example if your taking the ball out you have to run across the half court line or if you get fouled you have to shoot from the free throw line.

Hard work

Basketball really is hard work. It takes time practice and even a lot of your energy.
Basketball is not something you can start and be really good at. It takes time but if you really want too be good at it you can you just have too practice. Alot.
I have too practice like every single day.
Another thing about basket ball is that its tiring and very hard too do for a long period of time. Its very hard too get good at. And I would know.

When to play

Basketball is mostly played in the winter. If there is any other basketball league in the summer then its not that popular because there is other sports like baseball and soccer and volley ball and ex. I MEAN COME ON!!

I play in the winter and thats when a lot of people play because all of the other sports are mainly in the summer because thats when its sunny and nice.

Its way easier then playing football in nice and sunny weather and not playing in really cold weather with snow every where.

jump rope for heart

Jump rope for heart is this thing we do at my school and you raise money for people who have a heart problem and people who just need the help.

Are goal was too reach 8,000 dollars or more and we raised more!

There is stations when we jump rope in gym and this year there was a basketball station and what it was,was there was little numbers on the floor and if you made the shot from number 1 you get to go to number 2.

But if you miss the shot that you take you have too go too the back of the line.

And guess what the numbers go all the way to 6!

I almost made it to 6 but I missed it on 5! LIKE WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you

Thanks for reading my article!I love basketball and hopefully you do too after reading this.

I hoped I taught you at least something about basket ball because if I didn't that was just a waist of time!!!

I mean thank you for reading. Bye.

oh and by the way thank you!