Stella & Dot -March 2014

Monthly Meetings:

Don't look outside...but Spring is in the air according to our Spring Collection sales! There is a meeting on Monday night, March 10th, in many states, later than normal due to Brighten Your Life Tour last week. See below for more information and to RSVP. Some events happened last week in other states. Meetings are a great way to meet other local stylists, learn best practices and see how other people display their jewelry!

Click here to see what meeting is in your area on March 10th.

KUDOS---Top in Sales for our team in February! Rock-on Ladies!

Blythe Pongracz - $7,011

Meredith Morse - $4,454 (with a 3month old baby!!!)

Katie Redmond - $2399

Laura Keziah - $2390

Chris Mathews - $2309

Sherie Eschels - $1574

Megan Kelly - $1463

Marisa Main - $1267

Lauren Kronberg - $1255

Jump Start for All

Be sure to check out your Jump Start rewards--they end tonight! Go to your Stylist Lounge, go to Reports, and then to Monthly Rewards. See how close you are to your goals and maybe make a call to get one more sale if it helps you hit that certain number!! The rewards are worth it - product credits!!

Retiring Samples:

For each of the next 4 months we are going to need to pay CLOSE attention to the pieces that are retiring early from the line. Once they are gone they are gone! Sell these samples and use the money to buy fresh new summer pieces! You can find the lists in the News Section of the Stylist Lounge! The February list is GONE already.

Click below on each of the simple PDFs (images included!) to see what items will be leaving us and what you can recommend your customer buy instead! Here are the items at risk of selling out (including when we expect they will be gone for good) before we release the full Retired List:

Have a great week! I hope the sun is shining where you are!!