The Lizard and the frog

Fable by Aidan Morgan

One day a big mean frog was walking down the park trail when a lizard walked past him. He walked the path many times, but he had never seen that lizard before. He says to the Lizard,” Why are you walking on my path! The Lizard was very frightened of the frog because he was a lot bigger than he was. But, he knew that the frog was just trying to act tough .So he says to the frog,” This is my path but if you really want it we are going to have a race.” The frog laughs,” How can a little lizard like you beat a big bullfrog like me?” The lizard says, “do we have deal or not?”

They both agreed on where and when the race would start but they never talked about what the race would have in it. The lizards plan was to make the entire race on what he was good at, fitting through tight space and climbing very high trees. The next day when the race began the frog had gotten left in the dust. The lizard beat the frog by a total of 3 minutes! This fable goes to show that anyone can be beaten and it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside.