By:David Alsteen

Who started Coca-cola

Coca-cola as a beverage was created by accident. Dr. John Pemberton accidentally created Coke in 1886. Pemberton was a pharmacist living in Atlanta, Georgia. He was trying to create a remedy for headaches. He took the syrup to a local pharmacy to have people sample it. The people said it was “excellent.”


When Pemberton first took the syrup to Jacob’s Pharmacy, carbonated water was added to it and it was advertised as a “delicious and refreshing” drink that cost five cents per glass. During the first year, an average of nine drinks were sold every day. Pemberton sold off pieces of the company to various investors. Just before he died in 1888, he sold the remaining portion of the company to Atlanta businessman Asa Candler. Over time, the Coca-cola company became bigger and bigger. Candler sold the product to more stores, including some as far as Las Vegas, Nevada.


Coca-cola is a much larger company today. Many more places have Coke available to buy, such as: restaurants, convenience stores and gas stations, grocery stores, even vending machines. The Coca-cola Company has added many more products. Some of them are: Barq’s Root Beer, Fanta, Fuze, Minute Maid, Monster, Dasani as well as many flavors of Coke and Diet Coke. The Coca-cola bottling company handles over 450 different brands of products. If Coke was never invented, we wouldn’t have any of these products. There would also be fewer jobs. The Coca-Cola Company employs almost 150,000 people worldwide. Coke sponsors many school functions, sports and health programs, food banks, scholarships and community programs.

Speific person/people

John Pemberton was the founder of Coca Cola. He was looking for a cure for headaches. He was wounded in war. Asa Candler was interested in the product and the company because he suffered from many headaches. Pemberton was not a businessman so he really didn’t know what to do with the company that he started. Candler was a very successful businessman and made Coca-cola into the global company that it is today.
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Top three

The top three products Coca-Cola has made are Coke, a carbonated cola flavored drink, Diet Coke, a replica of Coke artificially sweetened with no real sugar. The last product is Dr. Pepper, a spiced cherry flavored soda, or as my dad says, “nectar of the gods.”
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